bathroom renovations cairns image


bathroom renovations cairns image

Bathroom Renovations

The right bathroom renovation project can transform its appearance and functionality and enhance the overall value of the property.  A bathroom renovation is a major project and it must be delivered on time, on budget and meet the property owner’s needs. That’s why you should choose Bayview Plumbers Cairns for your bathroom renovation project.

To ensure the beautiful new bathrooms we create have the desired effect and meet customer expectations, from increased water efficiency to enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our Bayview plumbers Cairns team work closely with homeowners Taking the time to discuss their ideas and concerns to ensure their needs are met at every stage from conception right through to completion.

Bathroom Installations

For homeowners in Palm Cove to Gordonvale who are looking to enhance their bathrooms’ appearance and functionality, but don’t want to overhaul the entire bathroom space, Bayview Plumbers also provides expert bathroom installation services. A new bath, shower or vanity unit can transform the appearance of your bathroom, enhancing its aesthetics and providing superior functionality and water efficiency.

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Toilet Installations cairns image
Most property owners upgrade to a new toilet when renovating the main bathroom and en-suite to match the new aesthetics. Our Bayview Plumbers Cairns team are more than happy to advise you on all aspects of toilet upgrades, including installation costs, style , functionality and water conservation.

Toilet Installations

If you’re not renovating your bathroom in its entirety and simply want to install a brand new toilet at your home or workplace, our team Cairns plumbing professionals are here to assist you. We can advise you on the wide range of toilets available from leading names such as Caroma, Stylus and many more to help you select the perfect toilet for your en-suite or bathroom.

Toilet Repairs

Nothing is more frustrating than a toilet that isn’t working as it should. Our plumbers will expertly diagnose the problem, discuss your available options with you, and then fix the problem, leaving the area clean and tidy when we leave. Whether your toilet is blocked, not flushing properly, slow to fill or constantly running, we’re here to help.

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