Hot water systems need to be properly maintained if they’re to provide a reliable performance and meet the property owner’s needs by delivering a constant and uninterrupted supply of hot water.

If your system is to deliver a reliable performance and not let you down when you need it most, monitor your system and have it inspected by a plumbing professional when you notice any of the following signs that indicate your hot water system needs professional attention.

1.The hot water is muddy and has sentiment in it

This isn’t usually a problem with your water supply, but an indication of a build-up of sediment, usually calcium carbonate. Sediment like this isn’t harmful to human health, however, it can cause serious damage to the hot water system if the issue isn’t addressed promptly.

2.The hot water system makes cracking or popping noises

There are several reasons why your system is making noises, none of which are good. These noises could be caused by water pushing through a build-up of mineral deposits on the elements or they could be caused by sediment being stirred inside the tank by the water flow.

3.Water is leaking out of the system

This could be caused by a valve, like a pressure relief (PRV) or pressure/temperature relief valve (PTRV), not being tight enough. These valves may leak occasionally (which isn’t a problem), but they shouldn’t leak all the time. If they’re leaking constantly, call a plumber immediately.

These tell-tale signs aren’t to be ignored as the longer an inspection conducted by a qualified plumber with experience in hot water systems is postponed, the more damage will occur and the costlier repairs will be. Don’t take any chances with your hot water system at home or at work, call the hot water specialists at Bayview Plumbers and have your system inspected today.


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